The Drunken Moogle: Drink Outside the Box

It’s not a big surprise to anyone when I say I like to drink. A lot of the Cursed do. However, for me I don’t get a chance to go out to bars that often due to my ‘real’ job. When I do, I always stick to what I like, rarely venturing outside my comfort zone in order to find something new.

Quick Man's drink of choice.

I can see that changing soon with the recent discovery of a great website that concocts drinks based on video games.

The Drunken Moogle is a great resource for drinking outside the box. There are some drinks that I would be willing to try, as well as ones that look totally disgusting. After browsing around the site for a bit, I found my favorite drink:

The Captain Price (The Call of Duty Beverage).

Ingredients: Whiskey. Lots of it.

Directions: Pour Whiskey of your choice into a large glass, on the rocks.

There are a ton of options on this site. Ranging from Mega Man 2 to Starcraft II, there are drinks for everybody. It is a very cool idea and one that we will be using in the future for our Horrible Night Out parties.

However, not everything on the site is drink recipes. I’m sure everyone has heard of a kegerator. If you haven’t, it’s basically a refrigerator for a keg of beer. But why is a gaming site talking about a kegerator? Because of this:

A keg inside an arcade machine. Yes please!

The Gamerator is a kegerator and an arcade machine in one. Cupholders make sure you won’t spill your beer while playing any number of games built into the machine. It includes a 26-in HDTV so the games will look good even though your sight might get blurry after all the drinking you’ll be doing. The only thing they should have included is some handles for when you lose your balance.

The one downside to The Gamerator is the price tag. At $3249 it’s definitely expensive, but great for any drinker and gamer.

If it wasn’t for The Drunken Moogle, I would never have discovered the great video game based drinks and the best kegerator ever invented. I’ll be hitting the bars soon and getting weird looks when I ask for the Quick Boomerang.


The Drunken Moogle (Image)
Gamerator (Image)

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  1. robeque

    I might have to try and make one of those Gamerators! That sounds like a good winter project. I’ve always wanted to make a MAME machine.

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