Hey! Watch! Grandma Loves the Oculus Rift

Time to take a bit of a break from all of our jaded predictions about the future of the gaming industry and recognize some awesome technology that is right around the corner. The Oculus Rift is trying to be the next step for virtual reality, which hasn’t been revisited for decades for good reason. Whether or not putting on goggles for gaming or a 3D experience interests you, you will never be as amazed by this technology as this 90 year-old grandmother.

We all have our favorite watershed technology moments, but the next best thing to experiencing one yourself is to witness someone else honestly going through one of her own. Just wait until we get her into a holodeck. Until then though, you can preorder an Oculus Rift dev kit for its estimated June 2013 release. A consumer version will be coming in the future, but no release date is set yet.

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