Horrible Times #415: The Deal With It

We’ll never really know what happened behind the scenes of Adam Orth’s resignation at Microsoft. Sure his #dealwithit comment was a bit misguided, but it was also mostly true. Whether or not the next Xbox is always online or online only, our devices are more connected every day. Fighting it is a bit futile. Beyond that though, I’m always humbled by watching social media change the very career/life of isolated people for better and for worse. I have to agree with Cliff in that I’d still rather everyone lighten up and allow for isolated moments of idiocy and passion be more accepted on social media. Otherwise our feeds are going to be full of boring mouthpieces with no real opinions where we may as well start following the press releases directly.


Why are you destroying all of my statues?

Someone really should have warned me about how damn charming Guacamelee was going to be. I mean, I already have an inherent weakness to anything resembling a Metroidvania experience, but if you are going to fill your game with geek references, too, I need to prepare my smile muscles. I almost lost my shit at the first Choozo statue. Oh ya, and the game is simple and fun to play, too.

The other reason my face was in pain from positivity was due to the bizarre and hilarious cutscenes/announcer in Battleblock Theater. While the verdict is still out on this puzzle platformer, the presentation around The Behemoth’s latest game is worth the price of admission alone. I’m enjoying the gameplay as well, but my real motivation is to push through to see what the next quip or cutscene pops up.

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