Night Moves Issue 5: Funny Thing About Fear

Night Moves

The difference between confidence and ignorance isn’t really noticeable until it’s too late. Chances are if you are fooling yourself you are fooling your adversaries long enough to stay on top, assuming you survive long enough to face them, that is.

We’ve been having a damn good time livestreaming of our gaming sessions and interacting with those of you have made it into chat or joined in the game itself. If you haven’t been able to make it or even if you have, we post highlight videos (depending on your perspective) multiple times a week. Subscribe to see reality crush our gaming skills time and time again and let us know if we found your favorite moment. Your suggestion could be our next clip or maybe even feature some of your own skills.

Magicka – The worst wizard

Magicka has a great tutorial. Don’t skip it. Not only does it teach you how to wield and combine the elements of magic into powerful spells, it reminds you that these spells can also hurt the person doing the casting. I skipped the tutorial. I also stumbled across the spell combination to summon a meteor shower. Being all powerful isn’t for the stupid.

Borderlands 2 – Run away bullymong

Borderlands 2 is a huge game with tons of weapons and character progression that turn your vault hunter into a truly awesome hero. That being said, until you get your first bad ass weapon and level up a bit, your hero is kind of puny. I knew this about my character and struggled to survive many of my first encounters with the bullymongs. So imagine my confusion when some of these beasts started running away from my newbie hero.

Resident Evil 6 – Slowly, silly, and awesome to the face

It takes a special state of mind to appreciate the ludicrousness of Resident Evil 6, but when you fully embrace it like Ethan does you can be rewarded with some truly epic payoffs.

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