WTF Is This: Spin the Bottle for Wii U

Spin the Bottle

My god, what is on your bottle?

I will say one thing that surprised me about the Wii U is that we didn’t get a flood of minigame collections. We are apparently getting at least one minigame collection, though, that makes me uncomfortable in all the right ways.

Spin the Bottle is from Denmark developer, KnapKnok Games, which has worked on experimental party games such as “Dark Room Sex Game (an awkward no-graphics erotic rhythm game) and B.U.T.T.O.N. (a roughhouse game about pushing buttons and cheating.)” In this moment right here as I am still absorbing these two trailers, it is my favorite development studio.

Now, aside from the natural wandering emotions that come from experiencing trailers full of stoned wiener creatures and their friends, most of my confusion came from trying to interpret what I had just watched into a video game version of Spin the Bottle. This game is not a video game version of the awkward adolescent past-time of the same name, but it’s still an awkward video game.

This Spin the Bottle is played entirely on the Wii U GamePad. You and your friends gather around and “spin a virtual bottle in order to pair up two random players to take a challenge. The challenges are carried out with Wii Remotes and might involve tight coordination, daring trust, body contact or extreme flexibility.” I think “trust” will be the key word here because you will have to trust your friends much more than I trust these wiener creatures in order to get them to play with you. I do think it’s novel way to use the GamePad and could be fun with the right group of wiener creatures, I mean, people.

Oh, what the hell. Here’s the second trailer. It’s creepier than the first somehow:

WTF Is This – It’s weird, it’s game related, you should probably look away, but we’re going to look at it anyway.



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  1. Aaron McNeal

    “Dark Room Sex Game” sounds like something I’d read about in the news today, sweeping the nation’s high schools.

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