More! Battlefield! Metal Gear Solid! Trailers!

GDC is certainly bringing the noise this year, surprisingly so for the most introspective of the major industry conferences. Of course when you have new tech, who wouldn’t want to show it off. EA and Konami certainly do so after feigning surprise at their worst kept secrets let’s bask in the explosive glow of a few new trailers.

Battlefield 4 is coming this Fall? I am shocked. Frostbite 3, you say? Show me 17 minutes of that sexy engine:

Wait you mean both of those MGS games you teased/confused us with are really just a single new Metal Gear Solid game? And you have some sort of plot to explain how Solid Snake is still involved? I won’t understand the trailer at all? Yes, show it to me anyway because Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:

It’s ok, I won’t tell all your favorite indie games what you just did. That felt good.