Broken Age is the Name for the Double Fine Adventure Game Funded by Kickstarter

Broken Age

Both kids seem to have rough lives.

A little over a year ago, Double Fine changed the way the video game industry looked at Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general. The result of this experiment was the dramatically successful $3 million+ funding of the creation of a new adventure game by Double Fine and a documentary of the process behind the scenes. Backers have had access to intimate 8 episodes of footage since the project started, but formal announcements about the game had been minimal.

During the Double Fine panel at PAX East, the team announced the official title for the game and it will be called, Broken Age.

The story of Broken Age focuses on a young boy and girl living parallel stories. The boy lives on a spaceship under the care of a computer, and the girl is about to be sacrified to a sea monster. As the kids break free, “Adventures ensue.”

It’s still possible to become a backer of the project and access all of the behind the scenes content. Age will be a point-and-cli



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