Night Moves Issue 3: Unintentionally Awesome

Night Moves

Watch me fly

It’s not that we are bad at games, it’s that we get distracted and try to play them our own way. This often results in our favorite kind of entertaining ineptitude. Of course, playing games the wrong way often enough eventually the odds catch up and every once in a while it looks like we knew what we were doing all along.

We’ve been having a damn good time livestreaming of our gaming sessions and interacting with those of you have made it into chat or joined in the game itself. If you haven’t been able to make it or even if you have, we’ve started posting highlight videos (depending on your perspective) multiple times a week. Subscribe to see reality crush our gaming skills time and time again and let us know if we found your favorite moment. Your suggestion could be our next clip or maybe even feature some of your own skills.

Saints Row: The Third – Keep calm and bail out

In our first trip back to our livestreaming archives, we catch Ethan and Josh attempting to bond through ridiculous aerial stunts in Saints Row: The Third. The problem is that Ethan doesn’t fully understand the physics of the world. Lucky for him, the game doesn’t either because what follows is the longest and most stoic freefall I have ever witnessed. Good luck bringing down this Saint.

Tomb Raider – Hunting rats with bows makes noise

Not every achievement can be covered by the developers, so I set my sights on a specific task of killing every animal in Tomb Raider with a bow and arrow. My first encounter with rats though, made me remember that there are larger threats in the game world and my priorities may have been a bit mixed up. Perhaps the rats staged the entire thing though because they certainly got away. For now.

Hunting Unlimited 2010 – Celebrate with some buck urine

During one of our first ever livestreams, Ethan, Josh, and myself wanted to see how well hunting games actually played. It turns out they don’t play very well. Combined with the fact that Ethan is a terrible hunter and we almost gave up on Hunting Unlimited 2010 entirely. That was until Ethan set his sights and his bow on a bird of prey. What happened next is still the most impressive thing Ethan has pulled off in his entire adult life.

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