Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is Single Player Co-Op for Your Thumbs

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

We can do this, bro.

Starbreeze has made some of my most memorable and atmospheric first person shooter moments of the last decade (Riddick, The Darkness, Syndicate). It has something a bit different in store for its next game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Brothers is a single player co-op experience where you will be controlling both characters at once. When using a gamepad that means one brother for the left thumbstick and trigger and one brother for the right thumbstick and trigger.

Brothers is set in a beautifully stylized fantasy world and will feature plenty of cooperative puzzle solving, adventuring, and boss battles. Judging from this trailer, there’s also some entertaining brotherly stereotypes, and as a “little brother” myself I appreciated the playful nature of the younger brother versus his more mature sibling. Intriguing for sure, and based on past game experiences, the control scheme has to be difficult to design around. Will Starbreeze pull it off? We’ll find out this Spring when Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons comes to XBLA, PSN, and PC.


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