Hey! Listen! Chrono Jigga Jay-Z Mash-Up with Chrono Trigger by 2 Mello

Chrono JiggaAs someone who has non-sensical hip-hop tastes, The Grey Album was responsible for actually opening my mind to enjoying his music. So you can say I have a soft spot for Jay-Z mash-ups. Add in my weakness for video game music that is well documented on this and you know I never stood a chance against a Chrono Trigger soundtrack mixed with Jay-z. Now that you know my biases, you should still give Chrono Jigga by 2 Mello a listen and make up you own mind.

I guarantee you’ll either go back and listen you own favorite JRPG soundtrack or Jay-Z album, ignore me, or maybe you’ll join me in putting it on repeat for the rest of the day while pondering the potentian for more Jay-Z/RPGs. Don’t judge the music on my bad puns though. You are onto something 2 Mello.

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