Horrible Times #410: The City Will Be OK

Zelda CD-i

If Link can survive this, the future will take care of itself.

Someone has to figure out always online connectivity right? I know we are all doubting our internets thanks to EA’s and Maxis’ complete failure of a launch for SimCity that made Diablo III’s launch issues seem almost tame by comparison. I admit there lack of preparedness is baffling, but it was also hard for me to care. I just moved on to one of two other quality titles that were released in the same week. My only regret is that I preordered SimCity so my dollars had already spoken and encouraged another future debacle.

My trip to the Louisville Arcade Expo this weekend also reminded me that no matter the launch issues or the quality of a title of any franchise or one-off video game that the industry will continue on. Sure, I still play plenty of retro games these days and own a handful of older consoles, but seeing the entire room that LAX dedicated to the history of gaming complete with just about every console from the 70’s through the 90’s was pretty impressive. Experiencing the reasons why you enjoy your hobby all over again is good medicine for overthinking the industry’s “issue of the week” every week. Check out our gallery from LAX 2013 to see some of my favorites.

Beyond the “timeline room,” I surprised myself in that I this year I was more interested in playing old pinball games than old arcade games. Sure Coop and I got our fill of Cabal, N.A.R.C., and WWF Superstars, not to mention more modern pinball tables like AC/DC and Terminator 2, but I had never taken the time to understand and enjoy tables without multi-ball, sensory numbing light shows, and moving rails before. I grew up with classic video games, but it was nice to appreciate their pinball equivalents for the first time.

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