It Doesn’t Matter: I’m Still Not Sick of Zombies

I’ve been obsessed with zombies since I can remember. It started with Night of the Living Dead, was bolstered by Dawn of the Dead and then Resident Evil swooped in to cement my affection for the walking corpses that have spread through the mainstream as quickly as the virus/disease that causes them. As a result, the entertainment world is saturated with tales of cadavers rising from their graves and attacking the living, causing even the most hardcore zombie fan to grow weary of the ever rotting antagonists. While I’d love to agree that the capitalistic rush of zombie themed scenarios has gotten to me as well, I can’t because in all honesty I’m still not sick of zombies.

Resident Evil

This used to be all I had…childhood was so tough.

You have to see things from my point of view before you go off being Mr. amd Mrs. Judgy Pants. When my addiction to zombies started, the possible outlets for me to enjoy the undead were limited and for the most part, B caliber. I dealt with a zombie drought in my youth, forced to replay zombie games like Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Flesh Feast over and over again to get my fix. It got so bad that I even tweaked the settings on Perfect Dark to allow my brother and me to fight large groups of bots with zombie-like qualities.

There's always room for more zombie...right?

There’s always room for more zombie…right?

Look at All The Zombie!

As time progressed, the zombie itself became considerably more popular. No longer did I have to settle for substitute zombies or make believe a zombie was there when it actually wasn’t because zombie content was flowing from all corners of the world. I was excited, heck the whole world was excited and I can’t recall a time that I’d been happier (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much). Eventually, the light but consistent drizzle of zombie related materials got heavier and quickly turned into a monsoon, flooding video games and movies alike with the zombies and their wacky adventures. While everyone else was heading for high country, grumbling about how “the man” ruined zombies, I was standing under the dark clouds, soaked to the bone and still smiling. If you’d asked a 10 year-old me how I’d feel about having too many zombie games to play, he’d probably die (this would ruin the time space continuum so don’t tell him that and, also, don’t tell him that people eventually get sick of zombies as well.)

I’m Still In

I realize that people roll their eyes every time the word “zombie” is uttered, but I still get that cozy little feeling in the pit of my stomach at the prospect of more zombie-filled situations. I’ll go as far as to say that I can’t think of a single game that would be hurt by featuring zombies in some bonus content or as a DLC pack. Heck, their inclusion sold me on both Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2. Zombies are just such good game changers, indirectly reducing society to a level that very few horrifying entities.I mean come on, there are terrorists in every game as well, yet no one is complaining about that, are they?

She blinded me with zombies.

She blinded me with zombies.

Do I think we need a bit of variety every now and again? Sure, a man cannot live on bread and zombies alone, but is it so hard to believe that someone likes zombies so much that the influx of more zombies actually makes them happier? Do fans of ice cream cry out in pain when they’re offered more ice cream? No way, they ask more more and more until they’re too sick to talk. I know that for a fact because I love ice cream almost as much as I love zombies. I want to be part of the cool kids and rag on zombies all day long but I just can’t. I like the stinky little buggers too much. I will no longer feign disapproval over the use of the living dead. Perhaps this makes me a square, but I don’t care anymore.

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