Horrible Times #406: The Clicking of Bits

DICE is always a humbling week for me as a critic. It’s one thing to get caught up in the opinions of the Horrible Night writers and our peers, but seeing what the developers think about their own brings a whole new perspective. Plus, it was nice to take a break from all of ugliness of industry business that has been going around lately.

I continued my to test the limits of my PC which I never ended to be a gaming rig. As we continue to explore new livestreaming options I took to broadcasting from my home office for the first time and learned quite a bit about the technology pains Josh Lee is absorbed in during our live shows each week. If you’re curious in trying things out for yourself, I recommend Open Broadcast Software as a free way to see how it all works.

Path of Exile Skills

Usually this kind of thing paralyzes me

I fully expected to spend most of my weekend with Isaac Clarke despite the mixed reviews and my own worries about Dead Space 3. The good news is after a bumpy intro, the first major section of the game actually felt like classic Dead Space. I jumped, I shot, I missed, I stomped, I died, I had fun. But for some reason all of Ethan’s talk last week drew me to try out Path of Exile. Holy hell, I know it’s just another loot filled dungeon crawler, but the atmosphere hooked me right along with the setting and enemy designs. Maybe I just like the hopeless feeling of the exile hero’s plight, but I couldn’t stop playing and that felt great.

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