Hey! Play! The Best Part of Monkey Island – Insult Swordfighting in a Browser

Sick burn.

Insult Swordfighting

Let’s face it, the main reason I’ve been trying to talk people into playing The Secret of Monkey Island ever since it came out is so that they can play one of my favorite sequences in video games – Insult Swordfighting. Now, there’s no longer the hindrance of playing the great game around it as a browser version of the insult swordfighting scenes from Monkey Island 1 and 3 is now available.

It’s a truly educational experience on the nuances of sword play, since it’s not about how sharp your sword is but how silver/cheesy your tongue is. You’ll pick up some handy zingers for use in that next bar brawl you were training for.

But really, you should play this and afterwards go play The Secret of Monkey Island. Then, come back here and ask me about Loom.

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