Horrible Times #403: The Nice Spartans

Halo Heroes

Seriously, misty.

Video games took a beating last week. Same old story exacerbated by an idiotic publisher, so it was nice to be reminded by Bungie that this is an industry full of good people. Bungie’s team went out of its way to cheer up a child who had just endured a liver transplant. The pictures are tear jerkers.

While I had full intentions of blasting through DmC this weekend, it isn’t exactly the most kid friendly game and my girlfriend’s daughter was more curious than usual. This led to me getting to introduce her to PC gaming and how it’s a different set of games than we have on “the big tv” so we got explore some indie platformers. While I really just wanted to show her a few games that I knew she’d like the look of, I ended up getting hooked on Fly’N. The game much deeper than I initially expected, much harder than expected, and gorgeous to look at. Of course, she eventually got frustrated at my lack of skills once the introductory levels were over and continues to think that I’m terrible at video games. At least I found another game to love me though.

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And here’s Tupac and Suge Knight playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Reddit wins again: