Cheap and Dirty Gamer: 10,000,000 Makes Me Panic


I’d like to believe I’d be the type of guy that stayed calm when a high pressure situation arose. I always imagined that should a bomb need defused or a plane have to be diverted for an emergency landing, people would look towards me for help. The truth of the matter is, I’m absolutely horrible when everything is on the line and 10,000,000 made it so very obvious.

10,000,000 is a match three-plus style of game where your goal is to combine identical squares that are placed randomly on the map. These type of games are a dime a dozen, but what 10,000,000 does differently is to add a strange dungeon crawl/infinite runner hybrid to the mix as a means of challenging your slow-moving brain. Your character moves across the top of the screen and it’s up to you to match specific tiles based upon what obstacle he encounters. For example, should your character be impeded by a chest then you’ll need to match three keys and enemies are defeated by matching swords or magical staves. It works out to a pretty frantic package as you have to maintain momentum throughout the stage or else its game over.

No time, no time, gotta match the boxes, AAGGHHH!!!!

No time, not time, gotta match the boxes, AAGGHHH!!!!

Your character begins each stage in a prison that can be upgraded to allow for equipment alterations or skill increases. In addition to matching items to help during your time in the dungeons, you’re also gathering experience, building materials and gold to allow for these upgrades and thus making each successful run a bit easier. It’s a nice little addition to the game and something that will keep the carrot chasers happy as even a poorly run stage is still a step closer to freedom, freedom that can only be achieved by scoring the titular 10,000,000 points.

I’d initially seen it advertised on iTunes and looking back I kind of wish I’d purchased it there as opposed to on Steam based on the type of game it is, and the fact that the swiping controls for moving titles seem like they’d work a lot better with a touch screen. The game is also two dollars cheaper on iTunes as well. Regardless, it was still a solid buy at $3.99 (20% off till Jan 22) because I can never get enough of these type of games. Should I ever be left in charge of an institute for matching objects in groups of three or more, I’d feel very at home (though I’d need to take my sweet time).

Cheap and Dirty Gamer – Being cheap used to be an insult, but with the economy in the dumps it’s now a survival skill. Being dirty also used to be an insult, but that changed after Christina Aguilera’s song came out.  Not all gamers have the funds to play full priced games, but that doesn’t mean that gaming quality has to suffer. There are good free and cheap games everywhere, games specifically made for the sexy survivors among us.