You’re Gonna Get It Anyway: iPhone

I recently did something terrible… and I mean awful. A little part of me has died because of it… more like I sold it, in fact. Yes. I have sold my soul to the devil….. the devil of course being Steve Jobs and his trendy, fruity little company, and my soul being my insistence on staying far away from anything that comes from it. I couldn’t help it. I hardly had a choice! My contract was up, I didn’t want to leave the group plan I’m in with my family, and AT&T has nothing for Android that interests me at all. I had to buy an iPhone.

I … have…… iPhone. It pains me to say it… errr… at least I thought it would. The truth of the matter? It’s freaking sweet and I love it, and if you don’t have one you need to get one. I have an iPhone 4 so it has that antenna issue. The thing about the antenna issue, though, is that it’s really not an issue. Just put a case on it like you’re going to anyway and you’re good. It’s fast. The screen looks incredible. It has everything I need and more. This is coming from a guys who’s never had email on a phone before, but whatever. There’s nothing not to like about this phone. Except for maybe the fact that it doesn’t allow flash player, but again… whatever.

I’m having fun?

This, however,  isn’t a website about cellular telephones… this is a website about video games, so let me get to the reason I’m writing this and my biggest surprise about the iPhone. The games are fun. They’re actually fun! I’ll be damned. I just always assumed that they would suck. And to be quite frank, the fact that the iPhone was gaining traction as an official gaming platform just kind of pissed me off. That probably spurred from my dislike for Apple, buOop… hang on. It’s my turn in Chess with Friends. …………………..

Chess......... With Friends.

Ok I’m back. This is what my life is like now. I’m constantly in the middle of a game with one of my buddies. Most of the time I’m in the middle of several games with several buddies. My phone is always kindly informing me that it’s my turn in something or another. This constant and “on-the-go”, wherever I am, play when you can type of gaming is a new concept for me…. and it’s one that I really like. There are a few games that are really shining for me at the moment. Carcassonne, Words with Friends, and Chess with Friends. If you’ve never heard of Words with Friends, it’s just like Scrabble. If you’ve never heard of Scrabble… I’m not really sure what to say.

All three of these games are perfect for this type of platform. Not that it has to be an iPhone, but it doesn’t hurt that almost all of my gaming buddies have one. The concept is pretty sim …. hang on it’s my turn again……………………………. ok….. The concept is pretty simple. You take your turn when it’s convenient for you (for instance when you’re not merging onto the interstate at rush hour), your friend gets a push notification that it’s now their turn, they play when they have a chance and you’re notified that it’s your turn again. For whatever reason, I think this is pretty awesome right now. It just works so well for games like these.


I’ve had a chance to play a couple single player games, too. And by the way… I’m not sure I’ll ever be bored again. I just hope there’s a long wait next time I go to Great Clips. Last time I read some news articles on NPR and played Angry Birds. Angry Birds is really pretty entertaining. It’s a very difficult game to stop playing once you get going. You always want to try the next level just to see what it’s like, but then you find yourself needing to finish it… and the cycle continues.

The PlayStation Pointless

Another game I picked up is Let’s Golf! 2. This is the iPhone equivalent of Hot Shots golf, and it’s great. This game is actually causing me to stop denying the fact that there really is no point to owning a PSP. It looks and plays better than Hot Shots on the PSP, and I’ll always have it with me wherever I am. I may just play a quick 18 next time I’m waiting to renew my drivers license.

Hey you... Let's Golf!.... 2!

So to sum it all up… I once hated iPhones… now I love them. I no longer have a soul… Steve Jobs has it… and I’m ok with it. iPhone gaming is fun, and I’m wondering how many games I could buy in the app store with the proceeds from my PSP. And DAMN IT! Coop just took my queen!!


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  1. Aaron

    iPhone games are crazy fun I agree, but the phone is just the beginning my friend.
    Now that Jobs has his tentacles in you it won’t be long before you’re getting the iPad, a Macbook and all the overprices accessories and peripherals that go with them.

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