Horrible Times #401: The First One

Far Cry 3 Sharks

There’s some light. Just one problem.

And… we’re back. After a two week break Horrible Night returns in full force. We’ve got original editorials, podcasts, livestreams, reviews, previews, and gamer culture articles queued up and ready for eyeballs and earholes and any other holes in your face that you care to use. You’ll be hearing all about the video games we want to talk about, but I have a question. What did you play into the new year? Was it the game you expected to be playing or did a surprise creep into your gaming device of choice? Let’s just say I ended up in some weird places in the past month and I can’t wait to talk about them on Tuesday night when Super Gaming Best Friends kicks off a brand new season live on Twitch.tv/HorribleNight.

It’s good to be back, but honestly I was happy for the break. As fun as The 2012 Grimmys were my brain needed a break from critically analyzing video games. What did I do to recover? I played video games. It turns out, video games are damn fun. I played whatever I wanted just because I wanted to play it rather than trying to play a new release to stay up with all of my gaming bros. I also found out that Viva Piñata is still more interesting to me than it is to the toddlers in my family. I’m ok with that.

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