Torchlight II Announced and Won’t Fix The Diablo That Isn’t Broken

Torchlight II

For those who couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into what could become yet another Blizzard masterpiece in Diablo 3, Runic Game’s Torchlight was a nice way to hold off the dungeon crawling withdrawal. Not content with just being a clone of one Diablo, the creators have recently announced a sequel that looks to do for Torchlight what Diablo 2 did for Diablo in expanding environments from mostly indoor locations to massive outdoor expnases as well as changing up the available classes.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Runic Game’s Max Schaefer and Todd Baldree went on to describe their plans to feature different outdoor areas for the player to explore on top of the massive caverns and dungeons the first game was known for. Each new region is to have a unique look and feature a slew of different monsters as well as showing off different cultures within the world of Torchlight.

Zombie bears!?! I think I just sharted!!

Other additions will include the ability to customize your character with different faces and other features as well as new classes that will replace those featured in the first game.

The most important news to come from this interview was the confirmation of a new multiplayer component to the game. While not the MMO that was previously mentioned, Torchlight II will feature cooperative multiplayer which should please fans.

It looks like the  Schaefer’s history as co-designers of both Diablos continues to bleed heavily into the development of Torchlight, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Look for it to hit shelves the late quarter of 2011.


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