The 2012 Grimmys: Quickie Award

Quickie Award

Where do you turn when you don’t have enough time for a long play session? You look for a filler game. This is the best 15 minutes we had all year, so much so we kept going back for more, and more, and more, and we were late to wherever we were supposed to be going anyway.

Grimmy WinnerMarvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles – Pinball FX2
Digital pinball is far from new, but we were hit with a bit of a pinball craze this year thanks to Marvel. The Avengers Chronicles tables fulfill on the promise of what can happen when original digital pinball tables are designed well. The variety of this set, recognizable characters, and attention to detail had us fighting over leaderboard spots more than any other game this year. Plus, who doesn’t have time for a quick game of pinball?


Hear how we narrowed down the winner and finalists for this category. (Starting at 1:26:00)

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