The 2012 Grimmys: Best Hype Package

Best Hype Package

Being sold on a game is one thing, getting hyped to play it is another type of motivation entirely. Standing out in a game queue takes something special these days, and thanks to this hype package we couldn’t get this game out of our head no matter how much our backlog was growing.

Grimmy WinnerBorderlands 2Doomsday Trailer
Gearbox knew what fans wanted out of a sequel to Borderlands: more. By harnessing the true power of ironic dubstep, the release date trailer for Borderlands 2 succeeded in assuring fans that the series self-aware sense of humor as just as in tact as its arsenal. Which somehow managed to grow by bazillions.


Hear how we narrowed down the winner and finalists for this category. (Starting at 40:08)

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