Bro In It – Super Gaming Best Friends Live #122

Super Gaming Best FriendsAnimals and the Wii U duke it out this week for the affection of the SGBF’s. Also, Josh likes colossus, Justin cries over Connor, Cole plays with furries, and Ethan learns to love the jungle.

Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on their latest video game adventures and then get to know each other better by discussing off-topic interests.

This episode was recorded live on the Horrible Night Channel. Follow us to stay up to date on our latest live podcasts and game nights. Archived video coming soon.

Show Notes

Josh, Justin, Cole, Ethan

00:18 – Intro
05:55 – On the Spot Question
15:14 – What Are We Playing?
15:24 – Wii U Hardware
44:15 – New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Zelda II, Dust: An Elysian Tail
1:10:03 – Dead Island, Saints Row: The Third, Alan Wake
1:21:57 – Far Cry 3 – 45:21
1:55:28 – Assassin’s Creed III, The Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja, Castle Crashers, WoW: Pandaria
2:10:57 – ZombiU, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Shadow of the Colossus
2:27:00 – Updates

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