Meany Poop Face Gets Banned from League of Legends for Being a Meany Poop Face

Here Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera dominates an interview by what I’m sure he refers to as a “broad”.

If you had aspirations to be pro gaming’s “bad boy,” let the recent banning of professional League of Legends bad ass, Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, be a lesson for you. After what’s been described as a long history of being a total douche muffin, Mr. Rivera, had all of his associated accounts banned and won’t be able to compete in the championship series for a whole year. While that sounds really good to me since it gives him more of an opportunity to be a jerk in other multiplayer games, the lack of revenue may be a bit of a blight on the old pocketbook for him.

So now that a got the news bit out of the way, here’s what I think about the situation and why it sounds absolutely ridiculous once you dig further into it. First, as described on PC Gamer, Rivera breached something called the “Summoner’s Code” (which amounts to an ultra dorky way of saying “code of conduct”) and was brought before a Tribunal (an ultra dorky way of saying review board) multiple times before the final incident that caused justice to be served.

Is this telling of the sort of behavior that’s acceptable in gaming leagues or was the situation being pushed under the rug to reduce media scrutiny? Both are simply wild conjecture on the part of this journalist, but either way you slice it, there’s nothing dominant about losing your job as a professional gamer due to your inability to follow a Summoner’s Code and stay on the good side of a Tribunal. That’s going to be a tough one to explain to the Mrs. and by that I mean Mrs. Rivera… his mom.


PC Gamer

2 Comments Meany Poop Face Gets Banned from League of Legends for Being a Meany Poop Face

  1. Copperskull

    I love how I looked this story up on other websites and there are so many people trying to defend him. They banned his accounts on the tenth time he was confronted about his conduct. THE TENTH TIME! He clearly doesn’t belong playing at the level where he was.

  2. Ethan Moses

    Other websites?! Well I hope you saw a drastic difference in the level of journalistic integrity.

    People that defend jerks are the greatest example of sheeple on the planet, heck maybe even the universe. Unfortunately, being paid to play a game professionally, whether a video game or an actual sport tends to give people a sense of superiority because they are constantly told how good they are. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc probably have worse examples of this though being a pro gamer isn’t universally accepted and thus acting like an idiot at the top level is even more laughable.

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