Brotabulous Moments in Gaming Episode 3: A Very Contra Saints Row: The Third

Brotabulous Moments in Gaming Episode 3

When the going gets tough, the tough get bro-ing…

Sometimes loneliness can make you forget the importance of having a solid squad of bros in your life. Perhaps it is romantic to think of yourself as a lone wolf, but in reality a wolf pack is about a million times cooler and way better at handling a diverse range of action themed scenarios.

Ethan had a really great time playing Saints Row: The Third, but there was something missing during his time in the game. After a solid month of playing primarily single player games, his attitude towards cooperative play took a nose dive and his actions began to get him into dangerous situations. There was light at the ed of this tunnel, however as his older brother, Nathan, arrived in the nick of time to set the younger Moses straight only to embark on one of those most brotastic co-op experiences to ever exist in the history of mankind, the Earth, and even the universe!

Brotabulous Moments in Gaming – The word bro has been dramatically warped in recent years, its usage synonymous with doochebag or tool. Ethan Moses has taken it upon himself to restore this word back to its formal glory by demonstrating the true definition of the word bro through examples from his gaming sessions. You might laugh, you might cry, but if it makes you think then we’ve accomplished our mission. Having bros and being a bro is a good thing; it’s high time the world realized it.

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  1. The Prophecy

    Dude, that final credits scene was awesome! I wondered where the motorcycle scenes were coming in. HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

  2. The Prophecy

    I got some feedback today. One of my Senior Resident Advisors saw this and said it was completely epic. Having said that, he wanted me to actually have a streamed-in cameo at the part when I fly the chopper in. The eldest Moses, wearing aviators at his computer with his headset on saying something badass like, “Now we can get this s$%& started” or “Let’s roll.” Those aren’t great examples, but you get the idea.

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