Hey! Listen! WiiU Grooves by Dj CUTMAN


Chillin in the menus.

Hey! loves its video game music, and one of our favorite artists, Dj CUTMAN, is back with an interesting selection for his game music remixed with hip-hop beats.

Nintendo has put together some truly stellar menu music on its consoles, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to “hearing” what it was like to navigate the Wii U. Dj CUTMAN remains one step ahead of all of us and he has remixed the various menu tunes of the Wii U (plus Nintendo Land) into his new album, WiiU Grooves.

The album is available for free and those who purchase the album will get a few additional remixes. No slight to Nintendo, but I think I prefer Dj CUTMAN’s versions to chill to while I’m waiting for my eShop downloads.

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