Thank You from A Call to Gamers and the 24 Hour Charity Co-op Couch

A Call to Gamers

Good gaming for a great cause.

This weekend with your help, A Call to Gamers was able to raise awareness and $1,130 in donations for Child’s Play during our 24 Hour Charity Co-op Couch.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude.

First of all, to those of you who hung out with us during the livestream, thanks for motivating us to keep gaming to the end. We hope you enjoyed our goofy gaming methods, the donation milestones, and random stories.

To our readers, listeners, viewers and friends without you there would be no Horrible Night or A Call to Gamers, and therefore, no way pass on our message of good gaming for a great cause. Thank you for continued support.

To the Horrible Night writers, our live guests, and our families, thank you for all of your time, effort, and endless ideas in helping make this charity marathon possible. It was a long night, but worth it if we were able to help make kids’ hospital stays just a little bit easier.

A special thanks to Josh Lee and Kyley for hosting the Charity Co-op Couch in their home.

A Call to Gamers will continue to search for new ways to deliver on its mission of bringing together video gamers to positively impact their society. In the mean time, we will be posting video highlights and delivering on some of our outstanding donation milestones. Stay tuned to Horrible Night for more info.

From A Call to Gamers, Horrible Night, and the Charity Co-op Couch – Thank you!

Justin Lacey
Founder of A Call to Gamers
Editor-in-Chief of Horrible Night