THQ Financial Woes Continue, Defaults on Loan

That’s a poorly photoshopped picture of me sanding the THQ logo…that’s what CEOs do right?

So if my news a week ago about a few major delays for THQ titles didn’t depress you enough, here’s another flowery little tidbit. According to an article posted by Gamasutra today, THQ has defaulted or more accurately has had “one or more events of default” occur in reference to a $50 million loan from Wells Fargo. The two entities are going to try and work things out, but this smells similar to the sort of poopiness that happens right before two people end their relationship.

Like I’ve said many times, I really like the games that THQ has produced but am also aware that they’ve made some big mistakes as well. Perhaps a trim down could save them or maybe I could use the business sense I’ve learned from listening in on conversations between dudes in nice suits and become the new president/CEO/lead guy of THQ. They don’t really have anything to lose and if things got worse, they could completely blame it on me. We’d both win in the end because they’d have a better scapegoat and maybe I could score some free things or perhaps a complimentary sub sandwich.