Sportsfriends Come Together for the Best Local Multiplayer You Haven’t Played Yet

Local co-op and competitive games have struggled to find the funding and focus this generation even though they tend to be some of our favorites around here at Horrible Night. Add the bits of innovation from the indie game scene to a local multiplayer game and you have an even harder game to bring to the masses. I’ve seen a handful of delightful such games in the past few years and are happy to report some of them are banding together to reach a larger audience. Sportsfriends Featuring Johann Sebastian Joust has just opened a Kickstarter and the games will becoming to PS3 and PC.


Get the couch ready.

Meet the Sportsfriends:

The featured game, JS Joust has been around for years at game expos to this point and utilizes PlayStation Move controllers in a real life musical dueling game that has to be seen to be understood.

I’ve covered the minimalistic sports game Hokra before and it still gets makes my competitive juices hot. Then, of course, there is the upgrade to our favorite browser-based multiplayer game of the last two years – Super Pole Riders. Pole vaulters doing battle over a ball on a high wire must be experienced. We even had an impromptu tournament with the original that may still be the best livestream we’ve ever done. Finally, BaraBariBall wins by association as I personally do not know much about the game other than what I’ve seen in trailers that make it seem like a combination of Super Smash Brothers and water basketball.

Sportsfriends is aiming for a Summer/Fall 2013 release on PS3 and PC. For more details on the individual games, check out Joystiq’s announcement. The Sportsfriends‘ Kickstarter runs through Dec 10th.