Microsoft Will Pay You to Play Halo 4

I think Microsoft owes me for the the water I spit all over my screen and keyboard when I read this today. According to Xbox LIVE Rewards, you can earn up to 600 MS points simply by playing Halo 4. Well ain’t that just a dream come true, even if it’s short lived.

10,000,000 Reasons to Play Halo 4 | Horrible Night

Does this go on my W-2?

Earning money is simple. Be an Xbox LIVE Rewards member. Play. Get MS points. Spend money. Get MS points. You can earn up to 800 MS points by playing 140+ hours and spending 3,000 MS points on Halo content by November 30. It’s all in this pamphlet.

So this is what you need to do:

  • Play 35 hours of Halo 4 multiplayer and earn 100 MS points
  • Play 70 hours of Halo 4 multiplayer and earn 300 MS points
  • Play 140+ hours of Halo 4 multiplayer and ear 600 MS points

Don’t forget to spend to get more:

  • Spend 1,500 MS points on Halo content and earn an additional 100 MS points
  • Spend 3,000 MS points on Halo content and earn an additional 200 MS points

That’s how you get to 800 MS points.

They’re practically paying you to play Halo 4. Not sure why this was needed, but I’m sure everyone reading this thought to themselves, “If only I could make money while playing video games…” Now you can. So, there you go.

No additional bonuses for teabagging, screaming, yelling, spitting, racial slurs, sexist remarks, or for anything other than what is mentioned here. Microsoft and Horrible Night is not responsible if you do or don’t claim your winnings on your taxes.


Xbox LIVE Rewards (image)