Hey! Look! You Are Missed Tech Illustrations

To date myself a bit, one of the things I always looked forward to in my early subscriptions to Nintendo Power was the art submitted by gamers. I was even known to submit my own “art” though I’m still waiting for the first piece to be published.

You are Missed

Still ahead of its time.

I still regularly enjoy looking through game inspired designs to this day, but I don’t normally come across artwork that focuses on the game hardware. Behance artist Kareem Gouda has put together two series of illustrations of various technology hardware/media based on his theme of You Are Missed.

While there are pieces outside of just gaming, the Game Boy illustration and PlayStation illustration stand out as a perfect fit for any game room. Plus I’m always a sucker for gaming nostalgia

What other artistic uses of game hardware have you come across?

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Kareem Gouda