A Bunch of THQ Titles I’m Excited About Get Delayed!


See you next year…hopefully.

WTF is all I can say in relation to the news that’s come across my metaphorical desk via PC Gamer: the release of some ultra cool games is getting pushed back! The games getting delayed include Metro: Last Light (now March 2013), Company of Heroes 2 (now March 2013) and SouthPark: The Stick of Truth (all the way till 2014).

Jason Rubin, THQ’s new president said that additional development time is the reason for these delays. This is the best and probably only gamer accepted reason to delay anything so I’m not as visibly shaken as one might assume. I have complete faith in the fact that all of these games will sell well regardless but seeing as they all have pretty dedicated fanbases, anything less than awesome is going to be disappointing and could really hurt the possibility for future iterations in the franchises.


PC Gamer