No Sexism Themed Antics Allowed in Halo 4

Sorry ladies, you can’t talk about sex if you want to keep playing Halo 4.

If you’re the type of person that likes to talk about your genitalia and/or the genitalia of others in nasty ways or enjoy harassing people based entirely on what sort of genitalia they have then Halo 4 may not be a safe place for you. In an recent interview, members of Halo 4’s development team made it clear that sexism within the multiplayer portion of the game will lead to a lifetime ban. That means forever. If you enjoy sexism, you’re going to need to reserve it for the single player campaign. Sorry.

While some may see this as drastic, I think that it’s probably not a bad thing since mulitplayer in most every game has gotten rather vile and gamers aren’t quite able to moderate their peers all that well.  I’m sure the free speech freedom fighters will arrive in droves to argue against such a punitive measure, but is pushing etiquette and respect really that bad?


Destructoid via Gamespot

2 Comments No Sexism Themed Antics Allowed in Halo 4

  1. Justin Gifford

    People can argue “free speech” all that they want. Unfortunately (or fortunately, in this case), free speech protections (the 1st Amendment in the US) only protect against Government action against speech. In Halo 4’s case, your multiplayer experience is bound by a EULA between the player, 343 Industries and probably Microsoft…if you want to be a sexist ass-hat, they’ll have to try their free speech arguments somewhere else. Sexist gamers, you just got #lawyered.

  2. jason

    So, to be clear… I can still talk about teabagging members of the same sex though, right?

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