Join the A Call to Gamers 24 Hour Charity Marathon Live on Nov 17th

A Call to Gamers

A Call to Gamers, the community service organization founded by Horrible Night in 2011, is proud to announce its 2nd Annual charity marathon gaming event. will be live streaming the event and is now accepting donations for Child’s Play through the end of the marathon. The 24 Hour Charity Co-op Couch (#24HCCC) will kick off its gaming at 12pm EST on Nov 17th through 12pm EST Nov 18th.

Help us spread the word and RSVP on Facebook as your pledge to donate during the event. We will be unveiling more details as to the featured games, contests, special guests, and how you can get involved in the coming weeks.

A Call to Gamers is a community service organization that brings together video gamers to positively impact their society through charity, video game content & history education, good gaming practices and helping parents encourage positive video game habits.

Highlights from last year’s 24 Hour Charity Gaming Challenge

Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 70 hospitals worldwide.

After a wonderful start last year, A Call to Gamers invites all of you come along with us to help foster good charity and good gaming. Follow along here at Horrible Night for more details on the relaunch of, on Twitter @ACTGamers, or on

If you’d like to get involved with A Call to Gamers email us at – answer [at]