First GameStop Kids is Opening, It’s a GameStop for Kids!

GameStop Kids

Hopefully there is a “No Pencil Thin Mustache” policy there.

Hey kids, are you tired of going to GameStop and being forced to purchase games with content that is too mature for your precious little eyes? Not to worry, GameStop Kids is here to help! That’s right, now you have a whole store dedicated to your age group and filled to the brim with games and game related toys that those sleazy, stinky adult gamers couldn’t possibly have an interest in! Hurray!

In all seriousness, this is probably not a horrible thing for gaming. Now every time an anti-gaming pundit gets their panties in a knot about young kids playing violent video games, we can point out the fact that there is a video game store made especially for them thus placing the blame squarely on the crappy parents who still don’t understand the concept of a rating system. I’m curious, however whether or not adult gamers will be allowed into these stores when not accompanying a child? Not that I’d ever buy toys from a kid’s store or anything, I buy my toys at comic book stores and hobby shops, you know where adults are supposed to buy toys.


Joystiq via GameStop Kids