SimCity Finally Gets an Official Release Date

EA has officially announced SimCity will release on March 8, 2013 for PC and Mac. Though originally thought to be released in February, I’m quite happy with this news as I look forward to becoming overlord mayor of many “denisims of Atchville (trademark pending)”.

Fire | SimCity

This is what happens when you don’t stock enough Red Bull.

EA hasn’t officially given a reason for releasing the game in March instead of February, but if I could make an educated guess I would likely say development. Since I’m not making an educated guess I am simply going to say there was an energy drink shortage in the kitchen and all the developers fell asleep for exactly 37 hours.

We at Horrible Night are looking forward to this next iteration in the series so this news comes a bittersweet. We have to wait longer, but we now have a date to mark on the calendar. For me, I certainly hope it’s a grand step up from my experience in SimCity Social.