Hey! Wear! Mega Man Fleece Helmets

This is the time of year where I regret not planning my Halloween costume sooner. In my last minute scramble, I’m also frustrated by the possibilities that I never considered an option. This years regrets are being kicked off with my discovery that a being a cozy Mega Man would have been awesome.

Mega Man Fleece

Looking good, X

Game Punk Arts has a range of Mega Man helmets including Mega Man X and Proto Man. Because the only thing stopping me from pretending to be a robot has been the comfort factor. I no longer have this excuse and am ashamed that I did not act sooner. As long as I get these before the winter of 200X, I should be fine.

Good news for robot haters that still call themselves gamers, Game Punk Arts also has plenty of other video game based fleece headware on its Etsy page.

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