REPLY TO ALL: Intro Impact

Q: What are your favorite intro scenes/first stages in video games?

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Josh Lee – joshleedotcom
The Secret World Blowjob

Justin Gifford – GiffTor
Even though I never overcame the mid-game slowdown, the opening scene/stage of Darksiders was awesome. Also, I’d have to throw out the riding-in-the-helicopter-and-taking-pictures opener for Dead Rising. Old school: Goldeneye. Although it’s aged horribly, I remember playing that first stage and thinking, “Holy crap. This is just like the movie!”

Justin Lacey – JDevL
First one that jumps out at me is the intro to BioShock. At the time I was still pretty amazed by the graphics, but stepping into Rapture for the first time and being scared out of my mind by the splicers is probably my most vivid memory this generation.

Also have to give a nod to Dead Space 2 for killing/necromorphing that dude in grotesque detail right in front of my face.

JP LaFrance – DocJPizzle
I second BioShock, the atmosphere of that game was fantastic. The opening sequence set the tone for your journey through the dystopia that is Rapture.

Cole Monroe – Colefacekilla
The whole intro to Super Mario 64 blew me away when I first saw it. When you saw the Princess’s castle in all its polygonal glory you couldn’t help but exclaim holy shit! Not a ton of games can make you say that.

Justin L
I feel like I just failed my 1996 self by not mentioning that first.

Super Mario 64

Get out of the way, Lakitu!

Justin G
Since we’re failing our 1996 selves, here’s one from 2001: the first time I saw Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader on Gamecube and they do the from-the-movie shot of the X-wings near Yavin? I may have pulled an Ethan and pooped myself a little.

Brandon Coppernoll – H21
Being a huge dragon nut I really enjoyed the intro to Skyrim. The way Alduin swooped down perched and laid waste to everyone really excited my loins.

Speaking of huge dragon nuts, you need to play Dragon’s Dogma. The dragon in the opening to that game is enormous. Even the capable Mr. Dave failed to slay the beast. In fact, that game has the best title screen, opening level, and opening cut scene of 2012. Besides the TSW blowjob, of course.

Ethan Moses – Wizardtrain187
I love a good intro/opening scene as like with with movies, they set the tone. I am personally more partial to seeing what the antagonist(s) plans to do/has done to my fellow human being as the fires of vengeance and justice tend to fuel my game play. This means that the intros I prefer start with very dire circumstances.

I have to go with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as my pick from the older generations. I loved Resident Evil 2, but being that Leon/Claire rolled up on the aftermath I always wondered what it was like as all hell broke loose? That questioned was answered after Jill’s monologue at the beginning of the game. Despite the best efforts of the Raccoon City Police and Umbrella’s Biohazard Containment teams, the situation was lost and it really developed just how desperate the situation had gotten. Don’t get me wrong, the scene was a bit campy but I was a preteen at the time and didn’t quite understand the concept of an eloquently spoken voice-over (I still don’t).

A more recent example of this is the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Intro. Like with Nemesis, I saw the beginning of the horrors that were occurring around the Earth and this solidified the fact that my expertise in the field of alien erradication was gravely needed. If I didn’t act, who would?

Justin L
Holy shit. How did I forget the intro to Saints Row: The Third. Easily the most enjoyable, explosive, best paced, and over-the-top tutorial level I’ve ever participated in. Plus, I love how they hide your customized character since you haven’t had a chance to customize him/her at that point. Also, every game intro should involve your character hanging out of a helicopter.

What is wrong with us, and why can’t we come up with a longer list of memorable intros? (Not to change the subject) Have games become so big that we forget the little things like the intros? I am trying to think of Playstation 2 era games that had good intros and can’t produce any. I could tell you more about the end of Metal Gear Solid 2′s ending than beginning. Speaking of which, would playing as Snake for 2 hours on a boat in that game and switching to Raiden truly count as an intro?

Metal Gear Solid 2

Starting off strong.

To further my point, the story arc leading up to you running out of the vault in Fallout 3 and that moment when you are blinded by the light is more memorable than being born or shooting rats with a BB gun.

Super Metroid

Memorable text.

Justin G
I will take the criticism for missing out on the Saints Row: The Third intro. That was a serious failing…and an awesome intro. That said: Super Metroid, for one. For two (modern): Mass Effect 2. The game opens with you being turned into a space-cicle and then resurrected to fight off rampaging robots. And space pants.

I’m embarrassed to forget Illbleed on Dreamcast. The intro was right up my geeky, B-movie horror fandom. It’s laughable at best, but it perfectly set the tone for the rest of the game.

Community Responses

David Lugo (@Z3r0k3w1) – Original Soul Reaver. Hands down! Epic before Epic was Epic.

Adam Boardman – Mega Man II, short and sweet.

Jeroen Guerts – Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has an awesome one. And I remember the older games where there wasn’t all animated intros, but had actual actors in them. I remember Wing Commander 4 being nice. But at that time all Star Wars related games had these “movie-intros”.

Dustin Sparks (@pixelmixer) –  I think my favorite intro, even though I still haven’t actually played it, is Borderlands 1. Still need to play that sometime

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5 Comments REPLY TO ALL: Intro Impact

  1. Pixelmixer

    Ahh, man. I completely forgot about the Bioshock intros. I had a hard time viewing it on my ancient computer at the time. It was extremely glitchy, but I still felt like I was being slowly sucked into this oblivion that I knew would be hell to escape. That definitely has to rank on my top 3 intros ever.

  2. Copperskull

    Alone in the Dark (1992) – I had seen objects done in polygons before with games like Indianapolis 500: The Simulation, but this was the first time I had seen a person 3D-ized. Edward Carnby may have walked like he had a pineapple up his ass, but it was the most realistic walk I had ever seen in a game.

  3. Justin Lacey

    Bioshock was just paced so brilliantly to start. I never wanted to put that game down.

    Does Alone in the Dark hold up? I never played it, but it keeps coming up in recent horror conversations.

  4. Justin Gifford

    Halo: Combat Evolved was pretty sweet. You’re just in this tank and they pull you out because the ship’s about to get smacked by the covenant. I still stand by Super Metroid, though.

  5. Copperskull

    I’ve played all but one of the Alone in the Dark games and I still hold the first one as the best one. It’d be difficult for someone that grew up on the current gen to get into it since most of the story is told in books you find throughout the game and it has a pretty steep learning curve, but it holds up well for someone that’s been gaming as long as I have.

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