WTF Is This: (Strip) Halo 4 in Hart of Dixie

Product placement has become a necessary evil for movies and television shows. Video games often times get some of the more awkward product placements because the people involved are usually portrayed as immature cookie cutter characters and the games aren’t quite represented accurately. Hart of Dixie not only product placed Halo 4, but the show introduced a new version of Halo to the masses – strip Halo.

Halo 4 | Hart of Dixie | Horrible Night


My Excuse

Wednesday night was winding down. The kids were in bed. I finished working for the night, and I laid down on the couch next to my wife as she watched TV. She was watching Hart of Dixie, which, if you don’t know the show, you’re not missing a whole lot. It’s a show following Doctor Zoe Hart who wanted to be a big time surgeon but lives in a small town in Alabama. She is constantly juggling men and awkward moments every episode. It’s pretty much reliving high school, I guess. Near the end of the show, Wade gives Zoe a big spiel about playing video games and being happy with life as it is. Soon after, she shows up at his house with her tail tucked between her legs admitting he’s right about how to live enjoying life…carrying Halo 4.

Great! The Game’s Not Out Yet

It was perhaps one of the most awkward product placements I’ve ever witnessed. Not only did Zoe hold the game up high so you could be sure to get a good view, her and Wade not only went on to discuss how playing Halo was great but then the topic turned  to strip Halo. I’m, at this point, sitting up on the edge of my couch trying to piece everything together. When Wade held the game case and waved it around on camera, there was no back cover art. It was blank. Besides the awkward name dropping all that could be seen was the cover to Halo 4.

“The game’s not out yet! What the hell?” said a distraught Brandon.

“So?” said the wife.

Blank stare.

Best Place for Halo 4?

It was that moment I realized that it didn’t make any sense for Halo 4 to be placed here. My wife is the target demographic. Not gamers. Certainly not me. So why is the game getting so much attention? Also, will non-gamer viewers start relating Halo to strip Halo? Don’t get me wrong. Strip Halo would be really entertaining if I were playing with my wife. She doesn’t play games. Typically, I play video games with men. Not really by choice, but that’s who is around. I’m not playing strip Halo with them.

I guess you could make an argument that maybe the female population might buy Halo 4 for their male counterparts in hopes to play strip Halo because of this show. That sounded sexy? Right? Does teabagging sound sexy? If the girl doesn’t play video games, or Halo, she’s the one naked. Not the one she bought the game for.

Spend Time With Your Wife

So after I got over the immediate shock of a ridiculous premise for Halo 4 product placement I offered my wife a game of Strip Halo: Reach. Hell, the name itself offers all kinds of opportunities. I got shot down, so I find the product placement to be completely false. The moral of this story, however, is spend time with your wife. You never know when you’ll get to see something so crazy that you’d miss out on new experiences like strip Halo. It’s a thing now.

Other games to incorporate stripping to:

  • Strip Dance Central 3
  • Strip Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  • Strip Assassin’s Creed III
  • Strip Doom BFG
  • Strip Poker
  • Strip Angry Birds…and eat ’em

WTF Is This – It’s weird, it’s game related, you should probably look away, but we’re going to look at it anyway.


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