Planetside 2 to Ruin Thanksgiving for the Families of American Gamers

Planetside 2

I spy a release date on the horizon!

It’s official, Planetside 2 will be launching on November 20th of this year. Hurray! While this is certainly great news for fans of the series, I can feel a collective groan coming on from the kinfolk of aforementioned gamers as the glorious celebration of Thanksgiving will now most likely turn into a very rushed affair. No dilly-dallying this year folks; the meal will only last as long as it takes for the prospective interstellar soldiers among you to shovel in enough turkey and stuffing to fuel what will turn into a weekend long war marathon. Look on the bright side, maybe this will force the less desirable relatives to pack up early.

Below you’ll find the always plucky Josh Lee and the equally plucky Justin Lacey play through the Planetside 2 Beta after one of our podcasts. I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure they were smiling while they played which usually means the game is pretty darn fun. Don’t expect anything less than bias on Josh’s behalf however, he’s always dreamed of taking to the stars and joining the war efforts of one of three factions.


Planetside 2 Official Site via Rock,Paper,Shotgun