Dungeon Defenders Celebrates 1st Anniversary with DLC and Sales

Dungeon Defenders was released only a year ago. It seems like more than that with the sheer amount of content its produced and the hours of entertainment I’ve immersed myself in. When I was perusing the Steam store yesterday I came across a massive sale on Dungeon Defenders content. Naturally, I clicked on it to find more and more did I find!

Dungeon Defenders Anniversary Pack | Horrible Night

It’s always a party until the ogres come.

The “Dungeon Defenders Anniversary Pack” is free on Steam for the next two weeks. What I nice gift. Usually at birthday parties I have to bring the gift, but Trendy Entertainment just wants to share the love. The new anniversary pack comes with a Tavern Siege mission, party hats, birthday cake crystal core, and a kobold on a treadmill pet. It’s a festive atmosphere that you should grab up just because it’s free.

If free wasn’t good enough for you, or if you haven’t joined the many who have defended the Eternia crystals, Steam has made Dungeon Defenders part of its Midweek Madness sale for a limited time. You can grab the game and DLC for up to 75% off for a limited time.

Why are you still reading this?


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