SimCity Only Looks Better During a Disaster

There’s just something about this new version of SimCity that has just about as excited as I was the first time I discovered the joys of SimAnything-ing. And now Maxis gives us a trailer featuring the random moments we all love to hate the most, disasters:


Gonna need a fire department or 12.

Now, that we will be able to build the best looking versions of our cities yet, it’s good to know that they can still be destroyed beyond recognition at any given moment. Of course, the fact that neighboring cities built by your online circle of friends will also influence your city may actually make natural disasters the least of your concerns. If your friends are anything like mine are, that is.

SimCity is well on its way to a February 2013 release on the PC and Mac.


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  1. moses5885

    I already posted my idea on facebook but i think you should get Ethan to do a video of Obama’s plan and Romney’s plan in Sim City 4 and see which one works. I know going political isnt always a good thing but i know both plans will fail miserably in that game. Could make for a good video. Life + Games= good entertainment. Politics + Games = the “We’re Fucked” Moment.

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