Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Video Reflex Review: That’s Between a Bunny and His Duck

The crazy French developers at Arkedo Studio made a new game. That game is called Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. It involves an undead cape-wearing rabbit (who is also the Prince of Hell) trying to recover stolen photos of him masturbating with a rubber ducky. Naturally, this game is a metroidvania-ish side scroller with WarioWare-like boss battles.

Visually, HY!WOTDR is marvelous. Controls are also smooth and tight. Is the game fun? We can tell you one thing for sure. It is absolutely fun to watch.

This video is intended for a mature audience as our commentary is not kid-friendly:

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I came for the gorgeous graphics and ludicrous story setup. I stayed for microgames that would make Wario proud and the maniacal soundtrack. With Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit constantly overwhelming my senses, it is difficult to see through the primal haze to judge the gameplay. Competent may not be as emphatic as it’s title, but it may also be good enough to justify the price of admission to this monster-filled bunny-controlled underworld.

Even among the suddenly overpopulated genre of 2D platformers with artistic chops, Hell Yeah! is still eye-catching. The design quality of the sprites actually made me assume that this was from a larger, more established studio. It turns out this is the first major release from Arkedo Studio who previously released a number of a series of games on XBLIG where you could literally almost see the studio cutting its teach on various gameplay mechanics. While the culmination into this 2D action platformer makes sense, the previous games failed to showcase the bizarre and humorous potential of its designers. Hell Yeah! is immediately memorable, and it’s originality is worth celebrating.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

I’ve gone mad and only my chainsaw jetpack can save me from this beautiful world.

The sound quality and character variety also elevate Hell Yeah! I expected a lot rougher edges in the game’s presentation, but aside from some issues I had navigating the menus, this is a game that was put together with care and attention to detail. So with nothing surface level to really pick apart, the microscope has to turn to Hell Yeah’s action.

At its best Hell Yeah! is making you laugh and shoot your way through large enemies with recognizable movement and attack patterns that genre fans will enjoy all the way through the climax of the mini game initiated fatality. On the flipside, there are 100 distinct monsters to kill in this game, and I’d recommend playing Hell Yeah! in small doses to avoid becoming numb to its often overwhelming presentation to the point where monotony from settles in.

Even though there are a wide variety of monsters to kill across several gorgeous maps, Hell Yeah!’s depth of gameplay isn’t its strength. Its joys may only be skin deep and short-lived to most gamers. For sheer entertainment value though, Hell Yeah! bleeds satisfaction and so far that’s been enough for me to hold off on the type of critical thinking that could destroy the mindless fun I have been having.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit was released on Sept 25, 2012 for XBLA and PSN, and on Oct 3, 2012 for PC.

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