Hey! Watch! Mega64 Flashes Some Alan Wake

I was surprised by a few things while tracking down today’s video:

1) Mega64 apparently still does its classic reality videos based on video games, 2) Alan Wake is topical enough to warrant a video at this point, and 3) that Mega64 managed to genuinely scare people instead of just annoying the hell out of them. All for our entertainment. Thank you, Mega64.

Mega64 Alan Wake

Pacific Northwest not required.

Somedays I love to be wrong, and mistakenly thinking that Mega64 was done with the style of videos that made their recent successes possible made its Alan Wake all the more enjoyable. Then again, I may just be the sucker for geeks acting out in public and confusing the masses. The entertainment value only gets better when the masses are frightened and confused. The real lesson is to stay away from monologuing weirdos with flashlights.

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