Hey! Buy! Pinball Duo Accessory Adds Plunger and Flipper Control to iPad

Somewhere in the last year, digital pinball has inexplicably fascinated more than a few of the Horrible Night contributors. At first, it seemed all innocent until Josh mentioned that he was actively working on an arcade controller mod to have a more authentic experience. Thankfully, those pinball fans not interested in breaking out a soldering iron and happen own an iPad have a new option, The Duo Pinball.

Duo Pinball

Get out of my way, I’m playing pinball.

This is an iPad accessory that houses the iPad and connects through Bluetooth. Currently it only works with the Pinball HD Collection app, but it’s a helluva a start for everyone who agrees that the iPad could always use a plunger option.

The Penny Arcade Report currently offers some hands-on reactions as well as a video of the Duo in action.

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