Don’t Judge, Just Watch the Code of Princess Trailer

During my search for excuses to finally cave and buy a 3DS, Code of Princess was thrown in my face. However, I never bothered to clarify whether or not it as passed to me as a joke or not. Three judgmental strikes of 1) The game having princess in the title, 2) having a half-naked female hero as the prominent portion of the cover art, 3) the screenshots mistakenly giving me the impression that it was just a fighting game, and I dismissed Code of Princess without a second thought. After watching the latest trailer for Code of Princess though, it may be my system seller:

Code of Princess

I still feel like my first impression was justifiable.

My biggest mistake was so quickly dismissing an Atlus published game. Atlus has a history of personally surprising me, and had I noticed its logo, I may have forgiven Code of Princess’s more off-putting initial impressions. Now that I’ve taken a bit of time to educate myself I am absolutely intrigued by the possible depth of this brawler/RPG. Read that genre combination again along with the knowledge that Code of Princess has more than 50 characters, 100 quests, and 4 player co-op. It should also be noted that Code of Princess draws its inspiration from Guardian Heroes and members of the development team also worked on that game.

As for the whole “too much princess”-effect that initially shoved me away, if the gameplay holds up I’ll have no problem subjecting myself to the “are you a perv” glances I’m sure to receive when picking this up at my local retailer along with my shiny new 3DS. Then again, maybe that’s what online retailers are for.



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  1. TheProphecy

    I’d give it a try too, but come on man. Can we have a heroine that doesn’t have ridiculously long, flowing blonde hair that, in reality, would get caught up in that sword that realistically she’d have no chance of even swinging around, let alone jumping 40 feet in the air with. And come on, you think she could really swing that sword with “those” anyway?

    That aside, combat looks kinds cool.

  2. Jordan Wilson

    2) having a half-naked female hero as the prominent portion of the cover art

    I agree completely. Now, if its was a completely-naked female hero… then I’d buy several copies… along with the limited release dakimakura.

  3. Justin Shimp

    Totally loving my 3DS. This game looks pretty awesome as well! The cover art definitely kinda put me off at first but seeing the action causes me to reconsider that initital judgement.

    Now if I can just get around to beating my other Atlus games. Persona 3 FES keeps sucking in my soul each weekend.

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