Radio Waves for 9/28/12

It’s among us, my friends. Apple has pushed its iPhone 5 into all of the sweatiest, stickiest and liquid-soapiest hands of the planet Earth just one week ago. If you’re thinking that’s why there was no Radio Waves last week as Aaron was too busy crying tears of joy over getting a new smartphone or something, you’re wrong and I’m insulted! But you’re also kind of right. Semantics. Anyway, I’ve been using this lightweight toy brick (with a phone somewhere in it) for seven days and it’s only appropriate that I mostly dedicate this week’s edition to a few mobile gaming highlights. Throw away your ancient rotary phones and tell the Android critter you’re not cheating, this is Radio Waves: iOS Madness!

you got MADNESS in my iOS

I don’t know the meaning of “going overboard”.

iOS Madness Triple Feature: Tiny Tower, Run Roo Run, Infinity Blade II

The obvious first-thing to do with any new piece of technology is try out all the awesome stuff you can do with it. Sure, I can ask Siri about the weather or if she noticed how much I’ve been working out lately (or do I mean, “out working”?), but I’m a man about video games. It only makes sense that I try out some of the finest and affordable mobile distractions now at my disposal. After this first week, three games reign supreme as champion time-wasters. Oh, they’re fun too.

Tiny Tower

If you build floors, they will come… forever.

The idea of luring people into an ever-expanding building as they shower me with money was once a dream, but Tiny Tower made it a mobile reality. The fine dudes at Nimblebit have harnessed the obsessive-compulsive mentality of the average Facebook sim game (sans the horrible energy system) and made an app that I can’t stop checking hour after hour. Plus, the entry price is FREE. I was already familiar with how the tower worked (move people in, create jobs for those people, build more floors, repeat) from introducing the game to my mother last holiday, but things are different when the phone is yours and your wife’s tower casts a long shadow on your own. I’m too busy checking out other games, give me a break! Hold on, restocking my book store.

Remember the movie Kangaroo Jack? Now that I’ve temporarily upset you, let me recommend 5th Cell’s Run Roo Run as being much better. After her baby is kidnapped, a mother kangaroo makes a journey across Australia to reclaim her child, one screen at a time. Controls are very simple, requiring only one tapping finger to make the kangaroo automatically run and jump from left to right. It’s a great reminder of why the two-dimensional world is such a pain to navigate as she hops over cacti, broken crates and other pointy garbage as fast as possible for high scores. This one goes for the price of $0.99, but I’m hooked. Trying to get gold on the harder levels is enough to make a person consider a few sessions of outback therapy.

Run Roo Run

If this setup doesn’t amuse you, then go back to outer space!

This third one should already be well-known, but I’m finally able to experience what Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade II is all about with my own two eyes. It’s so beautiful. I mean, it looks great and runs as smoothly as a kangaroo chasing down her stolen baby. Easily the most complicated of the bunch, I haven’t put in as much time with it yet but I can definitely get a sense of what made it so popular and noteworthy. I’m about level 4 right now and I feel like I’m on a grand adventure every time I boot it up. The screen-swiping combat is like a series of life-or-death puzzles, plus there’s loot and experience which are two of my favorite things right now. If it weren’t for Tiny Tower sending me notifications all the time to restock my businesses, I’d probably be a lot farther. Note to self: Hire butler to play Tiny Tower for me so I can play the big dogs. There’s also this whole ClashMob thing with appears to be cooperative multiplayer by way of timed community missions, so that’s neat. If everyone wins the “successful parry” goal of some ridiculously high parry count, it’ll surely be because of my contribution of 3. That’s $2.99 well spent right there.

Infinity Blade II

He seemed a lot smaller from far away.

Quick Bytes

McPixel (PC) – Imagine if MacGyver met Saturday Night Live’s MacGruber, they adopted a kid and then a video game was made about their kid? McPixel would be the game making fun of that game and it’s now $5 on Steam.

Hope for a new Banjo Kazooie? – Just earlier this week, I was telling a friend I wanted a “real” sequel to Banjo Tooie instead of the Nuts and Bolts game that was released in 2008. Maybe a video game deity in the form of ex-Rare developers is answering prayers now. Maybe?

As always, I’ll be keeping my ears open to the world of gaming and you should too.

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