Crash Some Castles on Steam in Less than a Week

Castle Crashers

Looks like that castle already got crashed.

Those of you that are snobby, PC only gamers (I’m 89% there) probably never had the joy of playing The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers. That is going to change on September 26th as medieval themed beat-em up will be hitting the imaginary shelves of Steam. Rejoice citizens, the day is good.

This really is a great game and must be experienced, preferably with 3 buddies and some pizza and/or root beer floats.   Beat-em ups are a rare commodity these days, especially on PC, so enjoy one of this decade’s best before that genre disappears completely. That last comment made me think about all the animals that have gone extinct and how sad that makes me. Go buy this game, don’t let beat-em ups go the way of the poor, defenseless Dodo bird.


The Behemoth via Joystiq