Gaming Lifestyle: Do We Buy Too Many Games? – The Cursed Checkpoint #124

Justin and Ethan have noticed that their game purchasing habits have gotten a little out of control. Heading into a heavy release season they thought it would be best to talk it out before they get in over their head again.

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Buyting Games

You’re gonna get it anyway.

Episode Background

The first sign that you may be buying too many games is when you attempt to buy a game that you already own. With the advent of digital distribution and a range of pricing models for video games, keeping track of your purchases isn’t as easy as it used to be. Justin and Ethan have called each other out for many questionable purchases over the years, but they aren’t sure how to fix the problem because the games are only getting better and easier to buy.

This episode is for anyone who struggles with game purchasing decisions, Steam sale addicts, game collectors, and anyone who keeps adding to their overflowing video game backlog.

Show Notes

Cast: Justin, Ethan
Runtime: 31:57

Gaming Lifestyle – The true stories of how we play video games and how it can effect our daily lives.

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