Hey! Watch! Conker Before the Bad Fur Day

One of the most tiring trends of the N64 era was the endless parade of new mascots in 3D platforming games. Personally, my biggest sigh+eyeroll combo came at the announcement of Twelve Tales: Conker 64. I had never seen a more generic video game or video game character in my life. Why would Rare need Banjo-Kazooie AND Conker? It made no sense.

Conker 64

Conker during happier days.

Of course, I shut my mouth years later once Conker 64 experienced a major redesign in the form of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Sure, I only gave it a chance because of its sharp turn into having a sophomoric sense of humor coupled with plenty of pop culture reference. I’m glad I did though because Bad Fur Day’s varied gameplay not only allowed it to border on being the best platformer on the N64, but it was also a pretty damn fun action game.

Those remotely interested in the bizarre development history of Bad Fur Day got a bit of a treat this week as fan site, RareMinion, dug up 30 minutes of gameplay footage from the original iteration of Conker:

What do you think? Are we better off that Twelve Tales was scrapped or was Bad Fur Day a blemish on Rare’s golden age?