Radio Waves for 9/14/12

This week’s been kind of crazy with events left and right about new Apple products and Nintendo’s Wii U. They serve as effective notices that my current tech has become stone-age levels of useful. I spend most of my time rolling my eyes at my phone from 2010 and my Wii stares at me with its cold, dead red eye. My wife and I will be jumping aboard the iPhone 5 wagon, but I swear to the party god from Adventure Time that I won’t be an early adopter of any game consoles this time. Those shiny boxes can fool me once, but not again with their fun promises and cost-saving bundles. No no no no… NO! Hey, it’s game time!

Actually, I'd totally play Wii U with the party god... somehow.

Rock Band Blitz might have come out weeks ago but it still gets a decent amount of play in my household. I played a couple of songs in front of my wife and started teaching her how to play. She’s even playing it while I write about it. I can’t blame her though. It successfully combines the fun of playing all of the instruments with friends into using a controller by yourself, plus not having to torment others with your feeble attempts to make the game recognize your vocals. Despite a number of my Xbox Live friends playing the game, most of the social activity comes from integrating it with your Facebook account. Let’s just say I’m a Twitter guy now, so I mostly just aim to get high scores for my own amusement or to assert my dominance again when my wife crushes me. Leave my Jimmy Eat World scores alone!

It's like patting your head and rubbing your belly on a rainbow.

Steam “Big Picture” mode is smooth like butter

Steam allowed users to get a huge glimpse at Big Picture mode on Monday, a visual rearrangement that makes navigating Steam on a larger TV monitor a comfortable experience. There’s also the fact that it’s controller friendly, especially if it’s a Xbox 360 controller. Big Picture is essentially like navigating a Steam-flavored Xbox dashboard layout, so it makes sense. I can’t resist a good Steam sale, so my PC library is bloated with games that would look great outside of my laptop monitor. Navigating to those games was a small chore before, but now it’s easier, familiar and kind of amazing. Steam is really taking me down the path of forgetting what a game console is supposed to be and I’m cool with that.

See Steam’s Big Picture mode in action here, thanks to Kotaku.

Rayman Legends gameplay teaser videos

Remember that promise I made earlier about not buying a Wii U? Yeah, me neither. Rayman Legends, sequel to 2011’s amazing Rayman Origins, looks amazing and it’s a shame that it tempts me into doing bad things with my money. The video below shows off some of the gameplay utilizing the Wii U’s tablet controller. To be honest, that stuff looks alright to me. The true beauties are the environments and character animation. I feel like I could watch those Frenchmen at Ubisoft making Rayman games until the end of time. Gimme gimme gimme!

Quick Bytes

Double Dragon Neon (Xbox 360, PS3) – I’ve played a lot of Double Dragon II back in the day and thought nostalgia would make me instantly like this, but it was more the sheer ridiculousness of what this game even is that makes it worth a look. Pure cheese!

Telltale’s Sam and Max (PC) – Before Telltale was known for making The Walking Dead, a shining example of awesomeness, they made some adventure games based on a talking dog and rabbit that run their own freelance police agency. Man, I love Sam and Max. Grab them cheap on Steam this weekend if that sounds up your alley.

As always, I’ll be keeping my ears open to the world of gaming and you should too.

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